Horseback Rides


We offer trail rides to those who are on or off the ranch. Our horses are highly responsive to our riders. They are excellent trail horses who will take you safely into the mountains for some incredible rides.

 We offer a variety of different rides for different abilities. We like to pair you up with the right horse…please don’t lie about your riding ability!

We cater to groups of 3-5 riders. If you are a single rider we will accommodate you on rides with other groups, if available.

Please book your ride as soon as possible to ensure the dates you want. Call 406-682-4867 to book. If you aren’t staying at the ranch, we require a credit card to confirm. If cancelled less than 48 hours from booking, 50% of the cost will be charged to your card. If the weather is bad we may slightly delay to see if it clears up or rebook (no charge if cancelled because of bad weather).

We will ask you for information such as your physical height and weight (250 max); riding ability; age; if you have or had an illness or surgery that can affect your ability; and sandwich preference, if going for a lunch ride. We reserve the right to decline your ride if we can’t match you with one of your horses.

Minimum age limit is 8.

Morning Ride: 2 hours

Good for beginner riders, bad knees and youngsters of 8 years old and up. Get comfortable with a jaunt around the rodeo arena first, if desired.

Rate: $125/person or $375/group for less than 3.

Lunch Ride: 3-4 Hours

A spectacular ride following Jack Creek up into the Meadows with Eagle cliffs and rushing water. Not recommended for beginners. Lunch included.

Rate: $160/person or $480/group for less than 3.